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Duomo di Napoli

Naples cathedral is a monumental masterpiece to discover. The cathedral is located in Duomo street and it is consacrated to Assunpation, later to Saint Gennaro. Saint Gennaro is the patron of Naples.
Carlo III D’angiò, king of Naples at first commissionated the Cathedral to French architects but after to local artists. Cathedral was built in 13th century, it was completed under King Roberto D’Angiò in 1313-14.
The project of cathedral is really unlucky because there will be in Naples two earthquakes, that be going to damageing many parts of cathedral, between three and four hundred century. Despite these catastrophic events, the reconstitution of cathedral has been very lucky, because there are lot of parts that have been rebuilt in Renaissance and baroque style. In fact these are the places of the cathedral that fascinate the tourists. For example this places are: Succorpo chapel and the royal chapel of San Gennaro’s treasure.  This two chapels  are more frequented by visitors. After the second mondial war, the cathedral’s facade was rebuilt. In the ninetheen century  the cathedral was restored.
















Left nave and Basilica of Santa Restituta
In the left nave of cathedral there is an access into basilica of Santa Restituta. The basilica of Santa Restituta was foundend by Costantino I. The basilica has been incorporated into the cathedral, now it is a chapel of cathedral. Over the years it has been modified, infact there are lot of architectonic elements that are Early christians and Baroques. Early Christian is, for exmple, Saint Giovanni in Fonte baptistery, that is demeed the oldest in the west becouse it is of the fourth century. A examples Baroque of the basilica are the sacred altar and the apse. The chapel now has three naves that are separated by Corinthian columns, recovered from Apollo’s temple. Into there is an archeological are when there are Greek and Romans remain.


















Right nave and Saint Gennaro’s chapel
In the right nave of cathedral there is an access into Saint Gennaro’s chapel. It preserveses the blood of Saint Gennaro, the patron of Naples. The chapel is a art and architecture jewel in the world. Inside there are marbles, paintings, frescoes by the best artists of the Baroque Neapolitan movement. It was designed by friar Francesco Grimaldi, after the death of the architect, the work was carried out by Ceccardo Bernucci and Giovan Giacomo Conforto. The construction of Chapel, dates back at 1527, and  it was a thanks becouse San Gennaro had liberated Naples each by three disaster: cholera, French and Spanish civil war and Vesuvius eruption. In 1601 was founded the deputation of royal  treasure of Saint Gennaro, for building the structure the assignements was submitted to the deputation. There was the inauguration on December in 1646. In the chapel there is a treasure that was donated  by royals and noblemen. The chapel was frescoed by Guido Reni, Domenichino, Lanfranco and Cavalier D’arpino.

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